Friday, 23 December 2011

I am the new writer!

Hi I am the new writer and I hope you like me anyway I made this post saying who ever can advertise the most will get get a gift by next week I would like to see at least 25 followers.Here's an idea! do some advertising of our blog and you could get a gift! Write how many GB's you have advertised in and we will send you a gift.

Over 10 and you have won we would like more but we will give you a hi cupcake
 Over 20 and you have won it does get a bit better you will get a you look great gift
Over 30 which would be good :) you will get a critter bunny rabbit 
Over 40 you have won which would be fantastic you will get the golden cat
Over 50 which is just perfect you will get a baby or a gift of you'r choice under 8 SD 

We want as much followers and members as possible if you do listen and win you will get a good present! :)


                                             Hugs and Kisses Hina! :D

1 comment:

  1. i didnt understand anything u meant to say that the first ten who followed yr blog will get a hi cupcake and then the people who follow from 11 to 20 get u look great gift rite