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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Miss Stardoll World 2012 is ashleesoul (Saudi Arabia) Credit: Miss Stardoll World 2012 is..... ashleesoul (Saudi Arabia) | Free Stardoll Stuff

In stardoll's third year of MSW ashleesoul won the competition getting the first place.
While in the second place came Miss France : rojda32 and the third place came Miss Russia : Kusaja.

Cut It (Halloween edition)

A special treat for fans of the chart topping Stardoll game Cut It!. Available in a spooky Halloween Edition that will have you shivering with fright!

- In the top 10 in 22 countries 

The terrifyingly fun Cut It Halloween Edition lets you battle ghosts, ghouls and goblins in your quest to uncover frighteningly fashionable backgrounds and new Halloween furniture for your Stardoll Suite. Brave the game as it is, or gain an extra advantage by shopping for an indestructible Gold Boost power-up!

Don't fear, Cut It Halloween has the same classic gameplay as the original Cut It where you control scissors that cut through an image to reveal dazzling backgrounds.

Can you clear the levels without losing all your lives?

Cut It Halloween features:

- 50 new frighteningly fun levels to play through 
- 20 pieces of unique spooky Halloween furniture for your Suite 
- 10 new patches to collect for your patch album 
- 10 Halloween backgrounds to uncover 
- New menus! 
- New cute monsters! 
- New eerie sound effects & music! 
- A shop with coins and the mighty Gold Boost power-up 


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Friday, 28 September 2012

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Makeup Do's and Don'ts!

Hey! Kat here, for a round of makeup do's and don't's! Recently, shoddy makeup has been a problem, especially with stardesign hair coming out. People just love contouring their face with those hairpieces! So anyways, on with the post.

DON'T overdo the mascara.

Look at that. It looks very fake!

How to fix it?

Pick eyes that, even with mascara, look natural. Also, only apply mascara on top. Don't apply mascara to maximum unless you really need to!

That looks better!

DON'T overdose on sparkles! 

We get it, you have money. There's no need to show it off! You look tacky.

How to fix it?
Pick one place to have Luxe- lips or eyes. Another subtle way to add sparkle is apply in under the eyes, so it doesn't show up on the lid, instead your eyes sparkle.

All three of these are good ways to solve a glittery overdose!

DON'T put lipgloss all over your lips! 

That looks very fake. Avoid it!

How to fix it?
Add lipgloss in the center and your cupids bow. Your lips will look much fuller :)

That's better!

AVOID the one color "smokey eye" and "panda eyes"

There's better ways to use black and white in a look.

How to fix it?
Don't go up to your eyebrows. That's tacky. Instead, fade one color into the next.

You can look great no matter how much eyeshadow you have!

I hope these tips help you! xoxo Pandaribbon, aka Kat

Friday, 14 September 2012

Lookalike for ANY celebrity!

Sorry for my long absence! Darn school. Gets in the way of my online life. Well anywho, I'm going to teach you how to make a lookalike of any celebrity you want from one photo! I'll teach you how using Marilyn Monroe, but the possibilities are endless!

First, find a good picture of the celebrity, person or cartoon character you want to imitate.

Then reset your medoll to a basic face and add any jewelry you may need for the look, like Marilyn's beauty mark.

Now, pick the hair you want for the look. I put up a superstar and non superstar option.

Next change the face shape to one that looks like your person.

Change the eyes and their color. To figure out the right eyes, consider your person's ethnicity, how deep set their eyes are and what mood they put off.

 Next change the lips. Think about the mood they put out and the expression on their face most of the time.

 Last, do the eyebrows.

Do the makeup in the person's everyday style.

Just to show how this works, I did Robecca steam from that new campaign stardoll's doing, Monster High.

Rochelle Goyle, as well.

And just to top it off, Venus McFlytrap.

I hope you find this useful!