Friday, 23 December 2011


OK so basically we only have 2 . Please can someone become a writer because it is a bit hard for me to do everything. Just fill in this application form and mail it to me on stardoll

Stardoll name:
Time on stardoll:
Achievments (If any):
How many starpoints?:
SS, SR, Or NS:
If NS have you ever been NS before??:

SS = Superstar
SR= Stardoll Royalty
NS= Non-Superstar


  1. Stardoll name: claresta1234

    Time on stardoll: since September 1, 2009. So, it's about 845 days I've been spent on stardoll.

    Achievements (If any): I have a blog before but I delete it because, same as you, it's hard to write everything ALONE. So, I gave up. Btw, my album in stardoll is a magazine.

    How many starpoints: 2225

    SS, SR, or NS: NS

    If NS have you ever been a SS before??: I have for may times but a there's a trouble here in Indonesia so I can't upgrade my account to a SS.

  2. hi
    my name in stardoll:candyboy1993
    since: 4-2010
    ihave 3 blog write 3 blog
    starpoints: 2549


  3. Stardoll name:Bears970
    Time on stardoll:07/12/11
    How many starpoints?:1425
    SS, SR, Or NS:NS

  4. Stardoll name: Tasiiqueen
    Time on stardoll:i started in 2008 then i made another account in 2011
    Achievments (If any): i've won 6 gaming tropies,been a model, written on 3 blogs before
    How many starpoints?:1057
    SS, SR, Or NS: ns but will become ss soon
    If NS have you ever been SS before??:yeah on my old acc, but i'm gonna get ss again on this acc

  5. stardoll name :123babiiboo
    time on stardoll: i joined early 2008
    Achievements:I won 3 of stardoll's own cometitions
    ss,sr,ns : i AM a non superstar but i have been a superstar before for i year