Saturday, 10 December 2011

Selena Gomez Inspired Make-up Tutorial!

Step 1: Apply the hair shown below and make it black. (You can have any eyes and mouth):

Step 2: Put on the Sunny Bunny Eye Lashes.
Step 3: Apply any Purple Eye Shadow on to the lid like this:

Step 4: Apply sparkly pink Eye Shadow on the outer corner.
(this makes the whole eyelid sparkle like this):

Step 5: Apply a little bit of Black Eye Liner on the upper bit of the eye only.
(Optional) Step 6: Add a bit of White Eye Shadow on the corners to soften it up.
Step 7: Apply Purple Eye Liner on the bottom bit of the eye, so it would look like this:

Step 8: Apply White eye Liner on the inner bit of the eye. Like this:

Step 9: Apply Black Lengthening Mascara.
Step 10: Apply volumising Mascara.
Step 12: Apply a Coral Lip-stick. So far it should look like this:

Step 13: Add the Shiny Lip Gloss over the top.
Step 14: Apply Rosy Pink Blush.

And here is what your doll should look like:

And that is it! All there is too it is 14 simple steps to looking like Selena Gomez!

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