Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Voile Holiday Shop Floors

Here are the Voile Holiday shop floors. It is a bit late stardoll...hello! Lol :)
There appears to  be wuite a few Non-Superstar things, which is quite surprising! All of the shoes and the two beret/hats are in Starcoins as well! ♥

Darby's favourites: Well, I bought the Deep V ColourBlock Dress, the Black and White Showpiece Beret, Cream Organza Fleur Dress and who couldn't resist the Purple Organza Structural Gown? ☺

Love kvasna1/Angelika and Darby01/Darby.

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  1. Alguem tem essa boina e quer me vender?
    Ah e me visitem la minha doll se chama:Giassanuma