Sunday, 15 January 2012

LE Shock!

So, I was just casually browsing through Starplaza today, and went to LE to see if theree was a miracle glitch and everything was stocked and for free, sadly there wasn't :'( but the Magenta Orchid Piece and the Fire Red Orbital Gown are still in stock! I noticed it a few days after LE came out, but there is a dress and top still in stock! However I can see why it isn't very popular, the Magenta Orchid Piece is just ghastly in my opinion (ugly, hideous) and the Fire Red Orbital Gown, I think is gorgeous but 250 Stardollars is way too much! And also the LE Street Lamp too, which has about half left but they aren't very... attractive... And there's also the LE Neon Unicorn for 200 Stardollars which is simply ridiculous.

As you can see I circled them in red.

I think LE might be leaving Starplaza soon, it's at the very top and when it's at the top it usually goes to make a new collection! :) ♥

So, what are your thoughts? Are you shocked? I am!

♥ from Darby! xxx

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