Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Make Up Style Secrets - The Famous Smokey Eyes

Hello guys,

Smokey eyes style is one of the famous make up style in Hollywood, and so is in stardoll. So, my first Make Up Style Secrets is about The Famous Smokey Eyes. Check this out.

1. CLEAN your face and use the hairstyle that doesn't cover your face.

2. Apply BLACK EYESHADOW from the middle to the tip of your eyelids.

3. Apply WHITE EYESHADOW at the rest of it and apply a little over the black to make a blend effect.

4. Apply BLACK EYELINER at the black side, and MASCARA in your whole eyes.

 5. Apply PINK BLUSH over and below your cheekbones.


7. Last step, change the hair to any hairs that you wanted and put some ACCESSORIES to complete your look.

So, this is it, The Famous Smokey Eyes. It's so easy to make, isn't it?
I hope you'll like it.

xoxo, claresta1234

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