Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Hotbuys! :) ♥

Ooh, aren't I just rocking that new banner? ;)

Hey folks there is a new Hotbuys Dress out! ;D ♥ Tragically, it is 25 Stardollars and when I saw the price, I almost fainted. Ridiculous, isn't it? What is the world coming to?! Anyway, it isn't that nice, I mean, a plain black minidress for 25 Stardollars? Stardoll must be kidding themselves. Here it is:

It's alright, the dress is actually quite nice but 25 Stardollars is absolutely ridiculous! Do you agree or disagree? Do you like it or not?

Be sure to leave a a comment, Darby! ♥

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