Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Free gifts and a superstar membership for 1 whole day !

Hey, guys it me 123babiiboo and i am here to tell you how to get 7 free gifts and how to receive a superstar membership for one day only , if you are a ss you can still do these steps but 1 more day would be added to your membership.

So stardoll have released a new campaign called Safer Internet Day.
go to this link here:
and log in if you haven't yet done so,next click on the number one this question should show up and click on the one at the bottom:

Then as its correct you will receive this gift in your suite

I will be posting the answers every day until day 7 when you get your superstar membership!

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  1. I Think this is really nice of stardoll. I also think the gift is really nice as-well.

    ~ bracken1234