Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mix Bag

Hello all dollies :) I am aria-orignal and i will write here for Random Posts and my posts will be a mix bag :D I hope you will love it!
My Introduction :-
I am Areeba Siddique . I am 14 years old. I Love stardoll and you all :) Enjoy my posts :D

1st topic :-
                           WEIRD & UGLIEST PERSON ON STARDOLL
Many days later , I found some weird and different people on Stardoll. Stardoll is the 2nd name of creativity , but they look like from another universe's population.
This is not beauty , I guess! You?

Boyfriend & Girlfriend? ^_^

                                                                         Ahem! ^
                                                             No one want!!!!!!!!!!

This one is so creative , can you see the nose holes? I love his creativty :D I hope you do so :P                                                                         

2nd topic :-                              
                                                                 Oldies on Stardoll
Do you still remember these trophies , we got them on the end on months when we completed our Play & Earn ( That was only 40SD's budget but now its better) Each month we got new doll.

Still remember this one? A free hat from a mystery puzzle. We have to open a box each day to get another free item. This hat got badly popular after the mystery.

Ahhhhh..... Brodcast's speaker. I still love it , even though its not available for new Dollies :)
3rd Topic :-
                                                   Starcoin's Awesome Outfit
                                           This week's outfit is for turquoise colour.

This outfit costs only 293SC :D
Now my post ends here :) I hope my 1st post will win your hearts . Love you all.


  1. Awesome post :) Maybe you should do 1 post per topic. It just makes it easier to read sometimes :D

    ~ bracken1234

  2. yea i agree with bracken1234,and btw,you would make a lot of posts which is good for the blog.