Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Awsome Starcoin outfit !

Hi this is 123babiiboo and i am here to show you how to get this amazing outfit all in starcoins it was made by a girl called In-yan click here to go to her suite, she is very talented with clothes and make up so here's how to get the outfit :

Velvet Orchid shimmery pink pants
Velvet Orchid lace arms jacket
Rio pastel bustier top
Velvet Orchid chess heels
Bonjour Bizou clock locket necklace
Evil Panda leather spike bracelet
Evil Panda leather gloves
Voile sharp bracelets
world cup clutch ( it didn't say the shop were it was from :L)

Do you like this outfit tell me what you think


  1. you do know it didn't say the shop cause it was a hidden shop..?

    1. Oh okay,if you know the shop could you tell me ? x

  2. No offence but I don't like this outfit at all....

    1. okay...well i personally thought it was a nice outfit and very creative but i guess everyone has their own opinion and style :)