Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lozzyy. is leaving, but the good news is, I'M BACK :D

Ok, so I have some bad news, Lozzyy. has left the blog to go and write for a different blog,
but anyway. I'M BACK!
If you are not sure who I am. I am lottieedottiee, one of the founders for this blog, I used to post very regularly, but school got in the way -.-
Ok, so anyway, we need more writers,
I will do these jobs for the moment but what we need are:
Free stuff writers
Competition writers
News writers
I will do spoilers and all those jobs for now,
If you want to become a writer click here and fill out the form.
Bye Guys <3
(also for all the new writers I will make graphics with your names, I am making mine currently)

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