Thursday, 15 March 2012

Stardollars to Starcoins!


Hi, it's Lozzyy. again! Today i'm doing a post for all you (including me!) non-superstar people on Stardoll. I'm turning a stardollar outfit into a starcoin outfit! On the left we have the stardollar outfit and on the right is the the starcoin outfit. Okay, i know they don't look exactly alike, but they look pretty similar (especially the shoes!)

In the left outfit, it consists of:
Armani Inspired Front vest (Archive)
Blue Rose Bodice (Film Theory)
Chilly Trousers (Killah)
Classic Pumps (Killah)
Total: 38 Stardollars

In the right outfit, it consists of:
Inspired by De La Renta Jacket (Windows on the World)
Turquoise Tube top (Basics)
Basic Skinny Jeans (Basics)
Studded Stilettos (Velvet Orchid)
Total: 173 Starcoins

Should i do more of these? What do you think? Please comment your thoughts! :)


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  1. 1st comment,yay!well,yup!you should!