Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fashion Style Secrets - Short Jeans

Hi guys,
It was really a long time I'm not posting something here. I'm so sorry.

By the way, I changed my topic. The make up session was taken, 123babiiboo will handle it. And me, I will handle the Outfit Designer, making outfits from any starcoins items. Excited? I totally do!

So, here is my first post about the Fashion Style Secrets. This time it's about SHORT JEANS. You know short jeans are so in now, I love wear mine too. It's so comfy and matchable. You can combine it with any items you want. And I will give you my three best style of short jeans. Check them out.

1. For the SPORTY, CASUAL, and CHIC one, I make an outfit that will match your style. It's for just 253 Starcoins!

2. For you who GIRLISH, PARTY-ANIMAL, and CLASSY, I think this is the right outfit for your style for 404 Starcoins costs.

3. You think you have a ROCK, EDGY, and TOMBOYISH style? Than this 325 Starcoins costs style is so you!

Like it or not? Tell me on the comment.

xoxo, claresta1234

1 comment:

  1. Really pretty! Just I don't think the necklace was needed in the second one.