Saturday, 14 April 2012


Hello, Im Anna (xxspeedystarxx) I am a new writer for this blog! Sorry if I am bad  at posts it will take me a while to get used to it! I am currently doing before and after makeovers so that your dolls can experience new looks and you can learn different ways of using the online brush!

Look inspired by Frankie from the Saturdays.

Before:                                                   After:

Although the smokey eye look( I have on the doll before the makeover ) Looks very effective, I tried to use a different kind of smokey eye! 
1) Add sunny bunny "Lovely Lashes" onto both eyes
2) Use mascara round all of the eyes
3) Use water-eye liner round the eyes
4) On the corner of each eye use black eye kohl (you can also use brown,plumb or any dark colours)
5) Apply black eye-shadow on the eye
6) go over the edges of the black eye-shadow with sunset gold eyes-shadow (beige like colours can also be used)
7) Add white eye pencil  onto the inner corners of the eye
8)Add Dark Dotty sunny bunny eyes, then place a beauty mole below the left/right eye
9) Change the hair to the superstar side short hair and make it a dark brown colour!

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