Thursday, 5 April 2012

Interview 2.

I just got an interview with sa...gataki! Here's the questions and answers!
1. Do you like writing for the blog/blogs?
yes of course, but currently i have not plenty of time.
2. If you weren't a writer on the blog/blogs would you have made your own blog?
yes, maybe but now i am so proud of the blogs that i write in..!
3. Stardoll question, Do play on stardoll less or more since you became a writer?
i think was the same. of course being a writer needs lot of time but i used to spend lots of time before taking part in many many competitions!!
4. How long have you been writing for the blog/blogs?
i think almost 2-3 years..?
5. Do you read any other blogs?
yes, i read when the theme seems appealing to me, not the usual as spoilers, free items, etc
6. Would you like to own a blog of your own?
yeah, a blog about make up but i dont have much time and help to make one so i 'd rather give up my plans :P

A big thanks to sa...gataki for letting me interview her! I hope you all enjoyed me interview! And more coming soon :) xx

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