Monday, 16 April 2012

Make-over Post Model: lovinjudas

First of all thank you lovinjudas for applying to be a model for me! Okay here is the makeover: Oh and sorry for the long post the pictures space it out alot! It is Nicki Minaj Super Bass inspired!

After:                                                                        Before:



1) Apply Mascara and you can make the hair the same as above with pink hair dye!

2) Apply yellow water eyeliner on the top part of the eye and pink water eyeliner on the bottom part

Water eyeliner

3) Apply yellow kohl  eyeliner onto the top of the eye and pink onto the bottom part 

Kohl Eyeliner :)

4)  Add light pink lipstick and add gloss if you like! 

Lips (without gloss (i think) 

5) If you like you can add light purple/white eye shadow 
Eye Shadow :)
6) You can make the skin darker if you like but it doesn't matter! Also add pink blusher on the edges of the cheek not to much because the pink hair already stands out alot 
Pink Cheeks!


  1. no offense but I like the 'before' better. The makeover is pretty, but I don't like the hair

    1. It is not meant to be pretty! It is just a look like a celebrity. I will do pretty looks in later posts!

  2. Haha! I have a perfect outfit to go with that!

  3. looks like Nicky Minaj
    dont really into it but well done.

    btw wheres the old make up writer?

    1. Im not to sure :) My make-up post will be better soon! I will be making pretty dolls!