Saturday, 7 April 2012

Trend: Strapless dress!

This has been a trend for quite a while now so i decided to do a post on it today. :)
Here are all the strapless dresses you can get on stardoll at the moment:
(click image to enlarge)

(sorry they are all cramped in - there was a of strapless dresses!!!)
Then here are some celebs wearing strapless dresses:

Also i was just going through medolls and i came across this one:

iluvladygaga232 has made her own strapless dress buy putting a big yellow strapless dress and then filled it at the bottom with loads of those barbie dresses that you can buy for 1 Starcoin! So it is cheap to do (except buying the big strapless dress which is 6 Stardollars) and it looks amazing! Well done iluvladygaga232.

Do you like strapless dresses? Do you wear them in real life? What do you want to see in the next 'Trend' post?


  1. where can you get the 1 starcoin dress?


    1. I'm not sure if you can still get them but they used to be available in the USA.