Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Random Post! #4

Hello readers,
here is my 4th random post... All images can be enlarged by clicking on them! :)
New Hotbuys Boombox Top!
Stardoll has released a new hotbuy called the hotbuys boombox top. It costs 19 stardollars (pricey!) but it doesn't say a store so i am presuming it was supposed to go in Fudge. It also says Fudge twice in the picture below but when you click on the actual thing it doesn't say Fudge at all!
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
Today's Covergirl was rezzan_07.  I actually really like her outfit even though it is not my style! Click Here to go to her suite.
Today's National covergirl was XxshellyxX. Click Here to go to her suite.
Top Stardesign Interior!
Today i have chosen miss.minette. She came Top in Stardesign Interior and i really like the two things she has in her bazaar. They are logos for Chanel and Gucci. I think the price is quite reasonable too. Click here to go to her bazaar. Here are the logos:
Thanks for reading! Your comments are appreciated too!

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