Monday, 25 June 2012

Gothic Makeup Tutorial

Hi Dollies!
I'm Ellie, and I'm a new writer for this blog.
I'm going to post makeup tutorials as often as I can for your medolls.

The tutorial for today is:
Gothic makeup tutorial!

Here is how to get this look:
Step One-
Take a black fluid liquid liner and line around your eyes.
Don't flick at the edges. Just line.

Step Two-
Using a black eyeshadow, shade darker closer to the eye,
and lighter upwards.
It gives a nice make-up effect.

Step Three-
Now, use a black lipstick and colour your lips.
Step Four-
Finally, take a black kohl eyeliner, (not the liquid sort),
and outline your eyes with it. Even the underneath.
Outline heavily underneath the eye, as shown on the picture,
because it gives a 'death' or 'dead' effect.

...and we're done.

Now you can all be spooky gothic dollies!

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Until next time...
...Ellie xo

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