Saturday, 30 June 2012

Makeup Tutorial: Nicki Minaj

Here's a tutorial so you can look like


Let's Start!

Step One-

Choose the eyes on the fourth page, first column, second row.

Click the grey eye colour, third from the right.

Step Two-

For the nose,

go to the first page, first column, third row.

Step Three-

For the mouth,

go to second page, first column, fourth row.

Click the lip colour, first from the right.

Step Four-

Choose the hairstyle, fourth page, first page, second row.

It can be any hair colour, preferably brown, but you can dye it any colour anyway.

Step Five-

Go to the first page, third column, fourth row.

For eyebrow colour,

click the second colour on the bottom line of colours.

Step Six-

For skin colour,

try to match the skin colour in the picture.

Step Seven-

Nicki Minaj never goes anywhere without fake eyelashes!

Buy some fake eyelashes from Spectacular.

Buy some bright pink lipstick for her lips, and you can choose any colour eyeshadow.

Nicki's hair is usually dyed, so choose pink dye maybe, or some kind of bright colour.

You don't have to dye it, you can keep it brown.

The look is complete.

You can be the Superbass queen,


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