Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Random Post! #10

Hello readers,
Sorry i haven't posted for ages! There are 3 hotbuys in this post because of me forgetting to post...
Hotbuys Plastic Basket!
This hotbuy was released today. It is 12 stardollars and it is from Original Future. I really like it! It would be perfect in a summer outfit! The real version is inspired by Louis Vuitton, here it is:

Hotbuys Techno Top!
Stardoll released the Hotbuys Techno Top. It is 17 stardollars and is from Bonjour Bizour. I don't like this top very much. It is fringed - and i know it is in fashion at the moment - but i really don't like this trend. One thing i do like is the pattern on it but i think the colour of the top is horrid! Stardoll has tried to make it looked like it was dip-dyed but instead it looks like the colours have been worn out. 
Hotbuys Tassel Earrings!
The Hotbuys Tassel earrings were the 5th hotbuy of the month. They cost 13 stardollars and are from the store Glam 'r us. The earrings are alright. I think they are a bit big and very eccentric. They could probably look good with a summer outfit though. The real version is inspired by Vivienne Westood, here it is:
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
Today's national covergirl is xXxRebeccaXx. Click here to go to her suite.
Today's Covergirl is -chi-town-chic-. She has a very distinctive style. Click here to go to her suite.
Top Stardesign Interior!
(click image to enlarge)
These lovely designs were made by lenalena20. Click here to go to her suite.
She makes lovely landscapes and she makes 1D posters for all those directioners. ;)
Thanks for reading! :)

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