Saturday, 23 June 2012

Random Post! #11

Hello readers,
I hope you enjoy the post?
Hotbuys Mesh Swimsuit!

The Hotbuys Mesh Swimsuit is the 8th hotbuy of the month. It costs 23 stardollars and is from the store IT Girls. This is an outfit i made with it:
You can pair it up with any sandals and a beach bag and it will be the perfect outfit for the beach. In this outfit i chose Pink Josephine Sandals (Miss Sixty) and the Zaurak bag (Killah).
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
Today the national covergirl is hanna65. Click here to go to her suite.
Today's covergirl is L4dy_g4g4ww. She has a really nice suite. Click here to see it.
Top Stardesign Fashion!
These designs are by starmodel14. The reason i have chosen her designs is because they are all unique. When have you seen a penguin being made on a top. The only thing that i don't think is good is the top that she has priced at 500 starcoins! Click here to go to her suite.
Today the catwalk winner is koolkat25. I love this outfit. It shows that leather jackets can go with skirts. It all matches as well! I think it deserved to win catwalk!
Thanks for reading! :)

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