Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trend: Bare Belly Tops!

Hello readers,

Today i am posting a post that i did ages ago when i used to do trend posts. I only did the start so i finished it off today.
We are in summer now so it is very hot. So lots of people have been wearing tops that show off your tummy! Here are some of the tops that give you a bare belly on stardoll:
Here are bare belly outfits on the catwalk:
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Celebs wear tops that show off there super toned stomach too, here is Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry in stunning outfits:
celebrities crop tops
This trend is only usually worn in summer so if you do find/buy a top in the trend it will usually be bright and summery. 
How to wear them is quite easy! Mix your top with long pants, shorts, pencil skirts or maxi skirt; anything will go with it actually!
Here are some outfits on stardoll that are for non-SS:

And here are some outfits that are for superstars!:

In the second and third outfit i couldn't put them outfits in the shopping cart because they are for superstars so i just out them at the side. In outfit two them shorts are called: Guess who trousers and are from Killah.
In the third outfit the Sunrise feather top is 60 stardollars, the Zosia bag is 35 stardollars and the antidote purple gold heels are 20 stardollars - they are all from antidote!
Then i went looking around stardoll for dollies wearing the trend! Here are some that i found:

This is kusja she is showing off her belly in a very different and imaginative way! I love her flowing mermaid hair and her mermaid tail which she has payed 144 stardollars for! :O She has used a lot of creativeness and i admire her. :) She has also go her suite to match her medoll.

I love this outfit by robykenoby The only thing i don't like is the fact that she isn't wearing any shoes but i guess that is alright because she is on a beach! I never knew how good that top and that skirt go together. Then the belt and necklace finishes it off perfectly. Well done robykenoby for making such a good outfit! ;)

If you are still not sure on this trend then go for last season's cut out trend :)
What do you think? Like or dislike? Please comment your thoughts!

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