Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How to make a gorgeous me doll face- WITHOUT makeup!

This one is for the non superstars who prefer to buy clothes, or are just starting out.

In this article I'll be pointing out the most-used facial features, best ways to accentuate your face with jewelry, and how to make your face original, with other tips here and there :)

Recognize these?

These remind me of my first few days on stardoll. I was beginning to explore the facial features, but I didn't care much about how my medoll looked. They're also some of the most common faces on stardoll! now, I'm not saying this is bad, but it's not as unique as it could be.
So, what are the components in these medolls? Let me tell you the secret to a unique me doll, step by step.

I bet you recognize these. These are the most common eyes. I'm not saying they're bad, they're actually quite pretty, but they aren't as unique as they could be.

These are my favorite eyes in the entire Beauty Parlor. You don't need makeup to make them look like there's mascara on them, so it's great for users who don't own any makeup, plus, it's not even SS only! (Just so you know, the SS only eyes are just variations of the first eyes posted. One pair is almost exactly the same! Come on, stardoll.)
These eyes are listed on page seven. They are on the second row, second position.

I'm sure you've seen these everywhere. However, these are the only good looking lips in the Beauty Parlor, in my opinion (Except the ones with built in lipgloss- those are a nightmare!).

There's not much to say on noses, so let's move right along to enhancing with jewelry!

Moles/beauty marks! At 10 star coins, these are affordable for everyone and are a great addition to any jewelry box. It's an easy way to customize your face in a natural looking way. These can be found on the last page of Glam'rus. 

Fake lashes! (All on last page of Spectacular, 30 Starcoins.)
First pair- These are very light and natural. (also a nightmare to try and get on your eyes due to the itty-bitty clickable area) I'd say they're a good buy.

Second pair- In my opinion, these are the best. They're easy to click on and drag around, and provide a natural look without being unnoticeable. (although, if you have the eyes I have, you don't need them, it's actually kinda pointless- they blend right in!)

Third pair- Unless you're going for a hooker/tranny look, these are NOT the eyelashes to buy. They scream fake. I hate them with every fiber of my being. That is all.

Braces- (Second to last page of Glam'rus, 10 starcoins)

These are alright, but they don't fit on all the lips. Affordable, though, so it wouldn't hurt to buy a pair. I use mine as a choker-type charm necklace. (you know those useless little charms you win from cut it? That's how you use them.)

This baby exists for a reason. Use it as a makeshift lipstick!

There's a place to get free lipgloss, too. It works just like the Luxe (which is a whopping 24 Stardollars!) but in a cuter container. Click here to go the post instructing you how to get it! It opens in a new window, don't worry :)

Those are my tips for if you don't want/can't afford to but makeup! I hope you found them useful. Post your tips in the comments! If I like them, I'll update the post and put them in :)

A LOOK INTO MY NEXT POST- Ever wanted to make your medoll look like a certain race? I'll track you how to do it by offering a variety of facial features, hair colors and skin tones for common ethnicities. Post race suggestions in the comments so I'll know not to skip them!


  1. Thanks! My doll looks beautiful, and even a lil exotic (chinese orientaion look).
    Good job! :)

  2. good job girls

  3. can you explain a bit more if your from the uk

  4. Thanks! This really helped!

  5. OMG! I look exactly like a member now and every one compliments me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amazing! My doll is gorgeous! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  7. I got Royalty & superstar status and I still took this advice and now my medoll is wonderful <3 Still take this advice even if you're a member ;3

  8. Hey I tried the look and it looks great! I was wondering if you could do some to look like the Little Mix girls?

  9. Hey could you please do some of Little Mix? xx Im especially looking for a Perrie one

  10. Please don't use the word tranny!!!!!!!! It's a very offensive violent slur.