Friday, 31 August 2012

New Make your mark! (Hidden store)

Hello readers,

Stardoll has released a new store called Make your mark. Here is the floor:
credit to underneath-stardoll for the picture.
These clothes remind me a lot like D-signed! The store is from the TV series Shake it up and i think it is only available in the US (comment if you can get it in your country as well). If you are not in the US, then click here to get them all in your dressing room. The owl top is quite cute and there is a lot of clothes in starcoins it is also very cheap! I'm going to buy the front tier dress :) I rate this floor 4/5 because some of the clothes don't look nice but most of them do!
Like or dislike? Are you going to buy anything? Please comment your thoughts!


  1. I am selling the ELLE Extra Long Modern Blazer (Grey) for only 1,000 stardollars/bids over 700sd. Bid in my GB or message me!!!!!!

    isellrares xoxo

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this hidden store. I'm gonna go check it out.

    IMHO, the reason there are so few comments is due to the fact that the captcha is too difficult to read. I know that is why I don't post often.

  3. loving the owl top. i bought it :D
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