Saturday, 18 August 2012

New store: Miss XV!

Hello readers,
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Stardoll has released a new store called Miss XV. It is based on a tv show. Here are the two floors:
They are only available in Brazil and Mexico (tell me if they are available in any other countries as well). So if you are not in them countries, click here to get them all in your dressing room. 

The prices range from 30starcoins-13stardollars. It is really cheap and there is a lot of starcoin items! The only thing is you have to be a very girly girl to like these because there are a lot of big puffy dresses. But there is also quite a lot of clothes for men! The dresses remind me of ballgowns that you see in fairytales. i would rate this store 3/5. (It is not really my style but there are lots of starcoin items!)
Like or dislike? Are you going to buy anything? Please comment your thoughts!

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  1. they work 4 me and im australia