Saturday, 25 August 2012

Stardoll is down?

Basically, I think that at the moment in the UK isn't working?
Every other website is except
I know it isn't just me because Lozzyy. is experiencing it too...
I have tried every different search engine/internet program but still, no result :L
I also see someone on a different blog commented "Where's stardoll?"
So yeah I have google chrome and when I search for stardoll, this comes up

Yeah, all normal, but then you click on it...
This comes up, I reload it and everything but still....

Is anyone else experiencing it?

Bye guys, tell me below. 



  1. I have tried aaaallllllll day to get on. it happened about half 1 in the afternoon. annoying -_- my accounts AmeliaMeadhbh btw add me c:

  2. I'm from the UK too, it was working fine this morning then around lunchtime it just stopped and hasn't worked since.
    I haven't been able to get on from any computer! ahh! I've been in a serious car crash and Stardoll helps me take my mind off things and feel better! xD

  3. The reason for it is because stardoll is working for making and updating msw for more info check out my site: http://totallydemi89-stardoll

  4. My Stardoll was working yesterday, but not today. Grr. It comes up with the same thing as yours, maybe I should try Internet Explorer...♥♥

  5. Yep. It's not working :( I just tried Internet Explorer but, nope, nooothhhinnngg... Grr.♥♥

  6. Exact same, it's been like this for me for the past 2 days x