Sunday, 23 September 2012

Makeup Do's and Don'ts!

Hey! Kat here, for a round of makeup do's and don't's! Recently, shoddy makeup has been a problem, especially with stardesign hair coming out. People just love contouring their face with those hairpieces! So anyways, on with the post.

DON'T overdo the mascara.

Look at that. It looks very fake!

How to fix it?

Pick eyes that, even with mascara, look natural. Also, only apply mascara on top. Don't apply mascara to maximum unless you really need to!

That looks better!

DON'T overdose on sparkles! 

We get it, you have money. There's no need to show it off! You look tacky.

How to fix it?
Pick one place to have Luxe- lips or eyes. Another subtle way to add sparkle is apply in under the eyes, so it doesn't show up on the lid, instead your eyes sparkle.

All three of these are good ways to solve a glittery overdose!

DON'T put lipgloss all over your lips! 

That looks very fake. Avoid it!

How to fix it?
Add lipgloss in the center and your cupids bow. Your lips will look much fuller :)

That's better!

AVOID the one color "smokey eye" and "panda eyes"

There's better ways to use black and white in a look.

How to fix it?
Don't go up to your eyebrows. That's tacky. Instead, fade one color into the next.

You can look great no matter how much eyeshadow you have!

I hope these tips help you! xoxo Pandaribbon, aka Kat