Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Voile + Millionaire mansion fashion + msw store!

Hello readers,
sorry i haven't posted for ages - i had a LOAD of homework!

Stardoll has released a new Voile. Here are the pictures:

When the last two floors came out there was a glitch but stardoll fixed it :( These floors are called Back to ballet school and there are a lot of tutus (which is not my style!) Also the general layout of Voile has changed on the last two floors. I prefer the first two floors better as well! I rate this 3.75/5
Stardoll has released a millionaire mansion fashion! Here are the floors:
I actually love these floors! There are some ugly clothes but stardoll always released some, don't they? There are some really nice colours that they have used and a varieties of different styles. I am definitely going to put some of these clothes on my wishlist. 4.99/5
Stardoll has released another floor in the Miss Stardoll world store! Here is what it looks like:
I prefer this floor than the other floor. There is some starcoin stuff and i love how they have used yellow on that dress! I think they should have put more blue stuff in though seen as msw this year is blue so people want to wear blue dresses/tops! On this floor there is only one piece of item that is blue which are some shoes!!! I rate this floor 3.5/5!

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