Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New doll : Cheesa Laureta

Hey , hello , Salam to all dollies :) Stardoll released a doll of Cheesa Laureta's today. Doll is not so similar with real version :/

Cheesa Laureta (pronounced Che-za), 21 year old, is a full blooded Filipino born and raised in Hawaii. Chessa Laureta parents are both Filipino, her father Joseph Laureta, is of Ilocano, Tagalog, and Pangasinan heritage while her mother Martininiana Laureta is a full-blooded Visayan from Cebu. Cheesa has a brother named Troy which work is also related to music industry.
Cheesa Laureta is a huge Beyonce fan, she wants to pursue her singing career since childhood. Good thing is that even their family is troubled financially her parents didn’t stop supporting her.
Cheesa Laureta tried to audition to American Idol and The V but wasn’t successful. Luckily on the second try on “The Voice” with her Beyonce “If I Were a Boy” performance she was able to make it and eventually became part of the team Cee Loo.

I really like her , you do the same?

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