Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Trend: Hoodies!

There is quite a lot of people wearing hoodies at the moment (especially teenagers!) On stardoll there is not a lot of hoodies because they look weird on the doll due to the hood that goes behind the doll's head. But here are the ones on stardoll at the moment:
(click image to enlarge!)
The first two on the picture look a bit weird on your doll but the other three with the hoods down look ok.

Here are some celebs wearing hoodies:
(click image too enlarge!)

I also decided to make an outfit with the pretty jacket from Pretty 'n love (the jacket is very girly!) so here is the outfit:

I have just paired it up with some jeans, ballet flats a pink bag and some gorgeous earrings. It is a very simple outfit and most of the things in it can be bought with starcoins. 
*Some people will hate this outfit as it is very girly but not every outfit is for everyone :) 

Like or dislike? Do you wear hoodies in real life? What do you want to see in the next 'Trend' post?

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