Sunday, 13 May 2012

Medoll Rating: mgirl07

Hello readers,
I still don't have a good name for it :( Any ideas? Also, a person in comments (Who was anonymous) asked me to do someone that wasn't them. So if you think i should rate someone else then tell me in comments.

Today's medoll that i am reading is called mgirl07. Click Here to go to her suite.
Her score: 10 points!!!!! (woah! Full marks.)
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Suite: I like her suite. She has a sort of flag theme around the sofa bit then she has put an outdoor but that looks cool :) Earned: 2 points.

Outfit: The outfit is perfect for spring/summer and looks very nice. It looks very fashionable and there is nothing wrong with it :D Earned: 2 points.

Starpoints: 3451. Earned: 1 point.
Presentation: Her presentation is really nice. She has a welcome bit, a lovely picture and then bits about herself. She sound really friendly in her presentation and has a bit at the bottom that says 'Good blogs' and she has included The stardoll voice in it (i agree with her!) Earned: 1 point.
Make-up: I love her make-up! She has gone for the natural look but still has a smoky eye effect (which i love!!!) She has accessorized as well with some stunning earrings. I also must point out that she has made that wig herself (it looks very professional - she is really good.) Earned: 2 Points.

Album: Her album is amazing! She has called it her stardoll timeline (see above) and through her pages you can see how she has changed - if i was you, i would be going to her album and reading it. She explains all her outfits and put backgrounds on things too! Earned: 1 point. 
Scenery: I really like this scenery. She has used a lot of her creativity to make a beach. The scenery is called SLETTESTRAND, DENMARK which must be a beach in Denmark. Earned: 1 point.

Like or dislike? Do you think she deserved this score? Please comment your thoughts! 
also don't forget to comment if you want me to rate you.

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  1. Wow! Love her Suite. Please Rate me if you get the Chance?

    ~ bracken1234