Sunday, 13 May 2012

Random Post. #1

Hello readers,
I am going to start putting loads of things into one post, seen as we don't have the writer for these thing (NOTE: if you want to be a writer of this blog look at the bottom of lottieedottiee's presentation) 
There is a 25% off sale in Rio!
To go to the store click Here
Coverboy + National covergirl!
Today we have a Coverboy. He is called paria10. To go to his suite click Here.
Today's national covergirl for the UK is treelow44. To go to her suite click Here.
Today the person that won hottest Design Jewelry was MikaKatia. Click Here to go to her suite.
She makes stunning wigs and i chose her for today's Stardesign bit of this post.
These are the wigs she is selling at the moment:
Like or dislike? Should i do a post a bit like this everyday? Please comment your thoughts!

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  1. I Like the way you did this post. :)

    ~ bracken1234