Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Random Post! #2

Hello readers,
Today i will be post the second random post. :) Noticed my new banner? The lovely graphic was made my mgirl07.
New in Evil Panda!
There are 2 new floors in Evil Panda. The prices range from 4 - 15stardollars but there are some starcoin things. I love the 'Evil Panda' that you can buy for 5 Stardollars (pretty cheap!) Here are the floors:
New in Miss Sixty!
There are 3 new floors in Miss Sixty! The prices range from 3 - 25 Stardollars. (there are no starcoin things like usual) Here are the new floors:
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
Today's covergirl is HoneyBLOOMM. Click Here to go to her suite.
Today's national covergirl is evil_kiss. Click Here to go to her suite.
Top Stardesign Interior!
Today's Top Stardesigner is mompurplerose. These are the things that she is selling in her bazaar at the moment:
She even has the Hunger Game's logo in starcoins. To go to her bazaar click Here. I think her designs look really nice!
New Hotbuys!
The 6th hotbuy of the month was released today. They are the Mickey Sunglasses. You can buy them from Spectacular for 14 Stardollars. The real version is by Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow, here is the picture:
I hoped you enjoyed this post! Should i carry on doing this? Please comment your thoughts!

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  1. I Love the Layout of these posts. Much easier to Read :)

    ~ bracken1234