Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Random Post! #3

Hello readers,
I hope you enjoy my post! :D
New in Rio!
There is one new floor in Rio. The prices range from 42starcoins - 16 stardollars. They have put that new layout on it too. I'm not sure if they are putting more in it... Here it is:
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
Today's Covergirl is anaana. Click Here to go to her suite. I think she deserved to be covergirl as her outfit is very creative.
Today's national covergirl is fridaEklof. Click Here to go to her suite.
Top Stardesign Jewelry! 
Today's Top Stardesign-er is missAngiee1990. Click Here to go to her bazaar.She makes some really nice wigs. I would definitely buy them if i could! Here are the ones she is selling in her bazaar at the moment:
Thanks for reading! :)

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