Sunday, 27 May 2012

Random Post! #5

Hello readers,
hope you enjoy this post! :)
New Hotbuys Striped Heels!
Stardoll has released the 9th hotbuy of the month. They are called Hotbuys Striped Heels. You can buy them from Rio and the cost 12 Stardollars. I think they would look lovely in a colourful outfit. The real version is inspired by Tabatha Simmons.
Covergirl + National Coverboy!
Today's Covergirl is Miss_______Lady. I love the dress she is wearing! Click Here to go to her suite.
Today's National Coverboy (for the UK) is MysticErmis. Click Here to go to his suite.
Top Stardesign Jewelry!
Today i have chosen EsaMismaSoy. She made this beautiful wig. She won Top Stardesign Jewelry today and if you look in her beauty parlor there are loads more wigs that she has made. Click Here to go to her bazaar.
I hope you enjoyed my post! Comments are appreciated! :)

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  1. The Stardesign Jewelry is nice :)

    ~ bracken1234