Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Random Post! #7

Hello readers,
enjoy the post! :)
IdentiTEE and Young Hollywood gone!
The other day there was a sale in both them shops but now they have been taken out of the Starplaza (they don't come up when you search for them either) When you search for Young Hollywood, this comes up:
and of course none of these are from Young Hollywood. When you search for identiTEE nothing comes up. Are you glad these stores have gone? Did you like them?
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
The covergirl today is anisa123. I love her style and especially like the outfit she is wearing, here it is:
Click here to go to her lovely suite.
Today's National Covergirl is starbuster8. She was National Covergirl yesterday. Click here to go to her suite.
Top Stardesign Hair!
Today i will be writing about MISSCHLOE1818 and the stardesign hair that she makes. 
In her beauty parlour she has 6 whole pages of beautiful hair. Click here to check them out.
Do you like her designs? Do you think stardoll should let us sell stardesign hair?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think there will be a new young hollywood soon :)

    ~ bracken1234