Sunday, 10 June 2012

Random Post! #8

Hello readers,
I'm sorry that i haven't posted all week - I've been on holiday and i have just got back! So today i will be posting 3 hotbuys!!
Hotbuys Peace Scarf!
Stardoll released the 1st hotbuy of this month. It is called Hotbuys Peace Scarf and you can buy it for 10 stardollars from Evil Panda. When it first came out there was a glitch that meant you couldn't see it but now stardoll has sorted it out :) The real version is by Wildfox and here it is:
Hotbuys Jungle Dress!
The Hotbuys Jungle dress was the 2nd hotbuy of this month. You can buy it for 19 stardollars at Rio. I like this dress but i don't think i would wear it if i bought it and the price is a bit high! The real version is inspired by Michael Kors and this is what it looks like:
Hotbuys Denim shorts!
The third hotbuy was released yesterday (Saturday) and is the 3rd hotbuy of this month. The denim shorts are from Original Future and cost 14 stardollars. To be honest, i think these shorts are a bit boring and pricey. You can get a lot of denim shorts on stardoll and some are starcoins so i wouldn't buy these unless you were collecting hotbuys. Here is the real version (there are quite a lot as they are just denim shorts) which is inspired by American Eagle:
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
Today the covergirl was maricel73. Click here to go to her suite. She has a very creative suite so go and check it out. ;)
Today's national covergirl was Puppy-chanelle-. Click here to go to her suite. 
Top Stardesign Fashion!
Today i have chosen Misskingbis and the clothes she designs. I love all of them especially the tights and the stuff with leopard print on! Click here to go to her bazaar and buy some of her designs or just browse at the ones she has made!
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