Monday, 11 June 2012

Random Post! #9

Hello readers,
Enjoy the post! :)
Hotbuys Jungle Gown!
The 4th hotbuy of the month was released. It costs 24 stardollars and you can buy it from Voile. It looks nice when you look at it but then when you put it on your doll it doesn't look right and i don't think it suits my doll anyway. The real version is by Michael Kors and this is what it looks like:
This jacket was supposed to cost 9 stardollars but instead stardoll has priced it at 999 stardollars which is breaking stardoll rules anyway as they can only sell something for 500 stardollars or less. Stardoll should fix this soon so people can afford. this jacket from Fallen Angel
Covergirl + National Covergirl!
Today the covergirl winner was was BeautifulR.  Click here to go to her suite. She has a lovely outfit - here it is:
I love how the outfit isn't too black because the yellow in it tones down the back and adds colour into the outfit! Also, i think boots go perfect with tights and even more perfect (if that's possible) with a stylish mini-dress. She has accessorized the outfit with a cute purse and beret.
There isn't a national covergirl today. I'm not sure why, does anyone know what that eye means?
Top Stardesign Interior!
cutechick655 made these lovely designs! They are some lovely landscapes which made her win Stardesign interior today! Click here to go to her bazaar and see if she has any of her designs for sale to buy.
Thanks for reading! Comments appreciated :)

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