Monday, 13 August 2012

Tropical makeup look!

Hey guys! This is my first official post. The model is Jody_Cailin. See her blog HERE (The link will open in a new window, don't worry)


Wear thickening mascara on top only!

Add a turquoise shade to your whole eyelid area.

Add another layer of turquoise, starting halfway at the eyelid.

Add a third layer, starting near the corner.

Add some white to the eyeliner area (you can use eyeliner or eyeshadow for this, I used eyeshadow)

Add two layers of green, fading in to the blue.

Put a little yellow on the corner.

(Optional) Add some light blue luxe near the white to add sparkles.


(Optional)  Coat the top lip and line the bottom with black lipstick or lip pen (Not pencil!)

(Optional) Add white in the center.

Put on some natural colored lipstick.

Add a second coat on the bottom lip only!

(Optional) Add lip gloss in the center of the bottom lip and cupids bow. (You can get a free lip gloss following the instructions HERE, which opens in a new window)


Add some light pink blush.

There you go! I hope you like it!

That's the finished look!

Xox, Kat